Natural farming adoption helps increase soil water retention capacity

September 18, 2012 0 Comments

Farmers donate Rs. 4000 to learn natural farming

On a workshop held in Lakhan Majra, Haryana on 9th of September about 80 farmers from Haryana as well as few from Uttar Pradesh participated with great enthusiasm. Most of the farmers were satisfied with their experiences in natural farming and tried to solve each other’s problems. The main problem that came up during these discussions was that of hardly 1-2 farmers from each village adopting natural farming while even their family members did not help the farmers with their venture in natural farming. There seems to be a severe lacking of support to natural farming at the local level.

To solve the problem of weeds, some innovative weeding machines were brought from Gujarat. One of the farmers has agreed to make the same machine available to the farmers in Haryana. In the field visit to Narayan Singh’s farm, where one could find rocky soil at 2-3 feet depth, farmers were stunned to see the greenery full with turmeric, gooseberry and other crops. This miracle was possible because of the biogas plant and the mulching of the ground cover. Farmers not only paid for their own training but also bought farm implements worth Rs. 2000 and contributed an amount of Rs. 4000 for promotion of natural farming.

(Source: Natural farming mission, Coordinator: Narayan Singh Advisor: Rajindra Chaudhari)