Neem oil is the strongest organic spray

BENGALURU: Who knew one could actually cultivate pomegranate on a roof top? A 39-year-old rooftop gardener, who has made it a point to eat poison-free food, grows his own fruits and vegetables. Sanjeev Jaganmohan Anand Rao also maintains a seed bank which presently consists of 70 varieties of native seeds.

Sanjeev believes in organic gardening, free of insecticides and pesticides. I dont use any kind of chemical, he says. I prefer pure, homemade pesticides such as sour curd for spraying on the plants. It will deter the insects. If sour curd is kept outside for a couple of days, the sourness in it will get rid of insects. Neem oil is my last resort. It is the strongest in the organic spray.