No Name Calling Please, Give Us Evidence Which Proves GM Crops Are Safe

March 23, 2017 0 Comments

By Viva Kermani

Shanthu Shantharam has called my article on the problems with genetically modified seed and crop “half-baked” and in “total ignorance”. While my article, Lets be honest about GM crops was published by Swarajya on 23 February 2017, Shantharam’s ill-tempered rejoinder was appeared titled “Genetically-Modified Crops Are The Future: Here’s Why”.
Swarajya and Shantharam, himself, have presented his qualifications as being those of a scientist, however, his marked reluctance to confront the substance of the points I raised in Lets be honest about GM crops is typical of supporters of the bio-technology industry. Such supporters do science a disservice by refusing to, or side-stepping with name-calling (Shantharam’s sorry tactic with my article) the issues. Another tactic, seen in his reply, is to refer vaguely to reports from Europe or the USA and tell the reader that these are all for GM.