Notebandi takes the sauce out of Nashiks tomatoes

January 9, 2017 0 Comments

On Christmas morning, barely 24 hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation of the Rs. 3,600 crore Shivaji statue in Mumbai, Yashwant and Hirabai Bendkule were slashing and uprooting the tomato vines on their farm in Dhondegaon village of Maharashtras Nashik district, just 200 kilometres away.Since over a month, tomato prices have collapsed. Even leaving the crop standing means a loss for us, Yashwant muttered, explaining why the Adivasi couple was destroying a perfectly good crop,in which they had invested over Rs. 20,000 and family labour. They will sow wheat in the cleared land. At least we will have food to eat in the summer, Hirabai said.