Nothing to lose if Monsanto withdraws, claims CICR

March 26, 2016 0 Comments

Nagpur, Mar 8: Monsanto is threatening to leave India after being issued a show cause notice on March 3 by the government of India, asking why it’s patent on Bollgard-II should not be revoked due to failure of its technology in protecting cotton against pink boll worm. However, several experts claim that India stands to lose nothing by the company’s departure.

Monsanto obtained a patent on Bollgard-II claiming that the two-gene technology would control the three cotton bollworms, pink, American and spotted. But city-based Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR) recently found that Bollgard-II had become less effective.

CICR director Keshav Kranthi said the institute had been monitoring the bollworm attack over several years across the country and the damage by pink bollworm has been severe this year in Gujarat, Karnataka, AP and parts of Maharashtra.

Kranthi confirmed that the pink bollworm has developed resistance to Bollgard-II, and the technology has become less effective against bollworms progressively over the years.

CICR has developed insect resistance management strategies to effectively combat the bollworm problem in 2016 and issued advisories to all concerned state governments.