On an organic quest

Metroplus, May 31: There’s an annoying self-satisfied swagger about hipster organic stores. The ones with artfully-lit, Instagram-ready baskets of fastidiously rustic fruit. Exotic vegetables flaunting back-stories more romantic than anything you could ever find on Tinder. Boasting “lovingly hand-pounded, responsibly made, locally grown, ethically produced, vegan, wild honey-laced” obscure breakfast cereals that taste like diligently toasted sand.

Let’s not even get started on their star customers, swathed in overpriced ethnic handlooms, diamonds and self-congratulatory smugness. Dexterously managing to post virtuous Facebook updates about changing the world, one organic carrot at a time, even as they fill their baskets with “home-grown” quinoa, designer ghee and gently wilting broccoli.