Organic Farmers Market: Making Organic Produce Affordable

January 16, 2017 0 Comments

Partha and Rekha, who left their city jobs to become organic farmers, are now working to spread awareness on organic produce and make it accessible for all.

If you ask a farmer if theywould like theirchildren to take up theirvocation, 90% would say no. A majority of farmers dream that their children will find a salaried position rather than getting involved in the physical drudgery that is a part and parcel of farming life.

While it is true that farmers are frustrated and the area of cultivable land is decreasing, agriculture may be getting a new start. Overthe past fewyears, a number of young people born and educated in cities are trying their hands at farming.

Partha and Rekha, a couple, are a good example. Both are well-qualified and were working in a big city getting good salaries. But they were not satisfied with their work and worried by the regular illnesses that affected their only child. Based on advice from their family doctor to start eating organic food, the couple decided to leave their jobs and take up farming as full-time profession.

Since both were from traditionally agricultural families, access to land and crop-growing techniques were not difficult. But marketing their produce posed a big challenge. In their search for more information, they came across an organisation called Restore which buys and sells organic food.