Organic farming gaining popularity in Anantapur

Raptadu (Anantapur), April 22: The district is in for a major organic revolution with the department of Agriculture taking the lead and initiative to wean away farmers from excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides and the disastrous effects of chemical residues on vegetables and fruits apart from air and water pollution, that is causing cancer to the consumers.

  • Excessive use of chemical fertilisers on vegetables and fruits is causing cancer to the consumers
  • 4,500 farmers are cultivatingin 15,000 acres in organic zones of 10 clusters in 8mandals

Farmers in the district are being educated on the ill-effects of chemical resides in vegetables and fruits citing Punjab example where the use of chemicals is the highest in the country and the incidence of cancer in relation to the excessive use of chemicals is also the highest, according to agriculture experts studying the issue in the district.