Organic Kitchen Gardening Workshop in Mohali on Sunday

August 2, 2014 0 Comments

This How -To workshop aims to empower all city dwellers to have a real choice around the dilemna of accessing chemical-free food for their
families. Over the last two generations we have lost our traditional knowledge base created over thousands of years.  The few farmers who are
practising organic methods are usually too busy to share such detailed information with others, and certainly not on an ongoing basis.. This makes the efforts of this small group of people from Jaitu, Faridkot , all the more commendable as they are willing to teach as many workshops as they can.

With this workshop the attendees will go away with a detailed action plan for growing almost all winter vegetables in the smallest of plots, or even on rooftops. They will learn traditional recipes for soil preparation, fertilising , sowing and pest management. It is a big step towards freedom from unwanted toxic residues in our foods.