Organic Seed Production Workshop

Seed the basic input, is the lifeline of agriculture.  Local farming communities have preserved and reused their diverse indigenous seed varieties over generations. It is with this art of preserving and reusing that all the agricultural biodiversity that is our heritage has been maintained and developed. The situation started changing with introduction of green revolution that ushered in modern crop varieties that would increase yield has not only caused damage on our environment but also eroded most of our seed heritage.

The corporate grip over all inputs, especially seeds is the most alarming because it threatens to hold farming and food security hostage to big business interests.Losing our traditional varieties will make our farmers dependent on seed companies and end of traditional agriculture.

It has been a longtime plan of Sahaja Samrudha to organize a Seed workshop for like minded NGO’s and producer groups. we are glad to bring to your notice about a week long ‘Organic Seed Production Workshop’ on 23-27th September 2013 followed by National Seed Savers Meet at Bangalore in collaboration with Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture (ASHA) and Pipal Tree.

Major Topics covered:

Seed mapping and seed collection

Seed Treatment and Germination techniques

Establishing Diversity blocks

Characterization of traditional Varieties

On-farm conservation

Establishing Community seed banks/Field Gene Bank

Seed storage and Plant protection

Seed selection and Participatory Crop improvement

Organic Seed production

Packing, labeling and Marketing of Organic Seeds

Seed saver rights and Open seed source

Subjects will be presented both in the indoors and in the field through hands-on activities. Participants can expect to learn fundamentals of organic vegetable seed production through on-farm practices.

We request your participation in the workshop and share your experiences.

We also request you to contribute Rs 10,000/participant towards Local Travel, Food & accommodation, Study tour and training material.