Pension Scheme for farmers in Kerala

September 1, 2012 0 Comments

Every year farmers in Kerala celebrate a day in month of Chingam 1 (August) as the farmer’s day. This year they celebrated it on 17th August. According to Malayalam calendar, the Chingam 1 symbolises the beginning of the harvest season of paddy, banana, vegetables, fruits and flowers. It represents the season of prosperity, richness and abundance in the farming community. In the olden days, the memory of the previous month Karkkadadakam used to fear farmers and farm labourers of the heavy rains, flood, poverty, starvation and hence a special importance is attached to this festival.

After the arrival of agriculture departments and Ministry in Kerala, the government celebrates this festival as farmer’s day (karshaka dinam) by allocating Rs. 2000 for honouring farmers with awards. Some Krishi bhavans organise seminars and offer meals to the participants. The celebration is different in various places depending on traditional culture and faiths. In this month there is a 10 day vacation for school children to celebrate the Onam festival.

The myth of Mahabali, the king who ruled Kerala, led this year to introduction of a pension scheme for farmers who completed 60 years of their age in farming. It has been decided that an honorarium of Rs.400 per month be given from the next month to these farmers by ex co-ordinator OFAI-Kerala Mr. Sibypurayidam.

For more information please contact. Mr. Sibypurayidam at 09447910989.