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April 6, 2015 0 Comments

Apr 05, 2015

I was in Chandigarh last week to speak at a gathering of India’s organic farmers. Hundreds of people had come from all over India and the range of seeds and food was truly stunning. As usual, I bought something from every stall and came back with sacks full of different colours of rice. I bought ragi and five different kinds of rajma, achars, and papads and hundreds of seeds—including that of a jungle potato that grows above ground. These kinds of fairs make my heart sing and I start to believe there is a future for India after all—inspite of the way that we have almost destroyed farming and farmers and their crops since 1960 when the first pesticides came in. My organisation, People For Animals, did the first organic fair in Delhi three years ago and it was so small compared to the huge movement it has become now.