Public flocks to Punjab to do this sweaty task! And they are loving it

As trends go, this is not only unique, but also never-heard-of-before initiative. What is more, it is quite productive and good for the economy. To boost agricultural knowledge, a farm resort in Punjabs Hoshiarpur is offering hands-on experience to its visitors in order to learn how farming is actually done. The visitors of the farm can get a week-long package where they can learn several farming activities including sowing seeds, harvesting crops, ploughing fields, milking cows and even drive a tractor.

The farm also takes the visitors on a ride to the nearby forest and rivulet in a tractor-trolley. Speaking about this unique concept, owner of Citrus County farm resort, Harkirat Ahluwalia explained about the package to The Week in detail. He said, Be a farmer on weekends at Citrus County Hoshiarpur. Get your kids to the farm to give them a unique experience in a typical farm in Punjab. Let them come and indulge in plucking fruit and sowing vegetable seeds in the fields on their own.