Pumpkin Tales: Where organic farming meets gourmet cooking

Ive never made a pineapple pie before, squeals Chef Dana Ewart excitedly, holding out the still-warm pastry topped with perfectly ripe, golden-yellow fruit. She sets it down on the table and slices through the flaky, buttery layers. Theres a caramelised edge where the juice has run under the pie, she says, taking an appreciative bite. Mmm… roasted pineapple. It so unctuous.

In Chennai for a couple of months to work with Pumpkin Tales, Ewart has dived into everyday city life with her trademark enthusiasm, whether shes milking cows in Mamallapuram, wrestling crabs at Kasimedu fish market or learning about local greens at Koyambedu. And thats just in her spare time.

For the rest of the day, shes been studying sourdough, trying to crack a recipe for the bread that works in Chennais humidity. And baking pies. Lots and lots of pies.