Reaping a rich harvest

June 27, 2017 0 Comments

Shankaregowda, a farmer from Devagalli near Mysuru, has shown that a farmer can make a good living through farming. His success is attributed to a variety of factors such asorganic farming, crop diversity and non-dependence on external inputs, including seeds. He has a four-acre farm, of which three acres are irrigated with the help of a borewell and the rest is rainfed. Earlier, he was practising conventional farming. He realised the significance of organic farming after attending various awareness sessions conducted by various State departments and nonprofit organisations.

Once he understood the basics of non-chemical farming, he gradually incorporated the eco-friendly methods. As the first step towards eco-friendly farming he increased the crop diversity with stress on both perennial and annual crops. Thus he grows coconut, banana, mango, lime, vegetables, greens, millets, pulses, ginger, turmeric, etc. He also grows silver oak, teak and melia trees. He has found that crop diversity decreases the incidence of pests and diseases in the farm.