Reprogramming life through organic farming

August 28, 2017 0 Comments

KOCHI:It is the success story of a 40-year old techie quitting his well-paying job to pursue his passion to become an organic farmer. Ajey Mepparambath, an NIT Jamshedpur graduate hailing from north Beypore, made the bold, green transition, setting an example to many. How did it all happen? As a software engineer working with corporate firms, my life felt so miserable many a time facing a lot of pressure to meet targets, he says. Even after 17 years in my career, there was nothing to enjoy in life and I felt so disconnected with nature. Then I realised I was spending life for a system I did not agree with.

The turning point came during a visit to his home town. While on vacation, I experienced the wonderful life of farmers. I realised they were so connected with nature, enjoying life more than any white-collar employee, he says, explaining his decision to quit his job. Gradually, farming become a passion. Looking back, Ajey says it was a tough choice as he was a newcomer.