Retired professor becomes organic farmer, achieves top yield

NAGAPATTINAM: A retired professor, here in Tharangambadi, had started with his works on preparing the soil for organic farming only about two months ago. Now, he is posting a high yield from his vegetable cultivation and is making good money from his 100 cents of land.

Vanmeega Venkataachalam, who was a professor at a private college in Mayiladuthurai for the past 30 years, decided to be an organic farmer post retirement. Even as he has a good bank balance, leads a sophisticated life and his children earn high in foreign countries, Venkatachalam took the call to be a farmer for the rest of his life and chose the 100 cents of land in Aandaancherry Village, Tharangambadi block for his dream.

Following a fully organic method of cultivation, right from preparing soil using goat dung, earth worms and cow dung, through planting the seeds and fertigation, he has got the best results.