Review and training meeting on natural farming

On 24th and 25th May, review and training meeting on natural farming is being organised in Rohtak.

On 24th, only already practicing farmers are being organised so that in depth discussion can be held, and on 25th a day long training session will be held for new ones (off course already practicing ones can also join this. Arrangements for overnight stay will be made). In media only event for 25th will be publicized. Mr Shishir Parija from Orissa will be joining as resource person. We will request ASHA and OFAI to also send their representatives as advisors/observers.

Venue: Swami Nitanand School, between Sheela bye-pass and Delhi bye-pass, Rohtak

Time: 9.30 am to 4pm or so.

As of now, we, in Haryana (or may be North -West) are not getting comparable yield/income vis-a-vis chemical farmers. On the other hand in case of other states, we hear that organic is giving comparable yield/income. Mr Parija, resource person, too claims that he is getting comparable results. So,   focus of this training is to improve our technical package of practices so as to improve results.

Please join as per schedule and pass on the message.

A notice in Hindi is attached for your usage (putting on notice board/buses)

wall poster for may 2014 training