Athira m. April 20, 2013

A documentary Suma Josson’s short film ‘ In Search Of Our Lost Rice Seeds’ digs into traditional farming practices of rice seed savers from Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

Campaigns and movements to conserve rice, which is more than a dietary staple for Indians, have taken many researchers to the roots of our culture and civilisation. Indigenous rice varieties are being identified, popularised and conserved through seed banks and cultivation and sharing of experiences and seeds within the network of like-minded individuals and organisations. Real-life tales of such sustained efforts is the subject of a documentary In Search of Our Lost Rice Seeds .

Directed by Suma Josson, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and writer, it is an initiative of ‘Save Our Rice’ campaign, a nation-wide network to sustain rice cultivation that is facilitated by Thanal in Kerala and the Pesticide Action Network-Asia.