Saga of Indian Farmers

January 12, 2018 0 Comments

Farmers have a distinct place of their own in Indian society; they burn their skin, feed the nation, and yet live a life of poverty and backwardness. They comprise 48% of the total population, so no political party can afford to neglect them. They are remembered at the time of elections with much fanfare and huge number of assurances are given to them for voting . They lack irrigation, finance, marketing skills, storage facility etc for improving their productivity but their high rate of illiteracy makes them content with lollipops they have been enjoying with all humility in the last seventy years of independence. They have very less people to speak on TV channels for their cause. They are glorified with glamorous words like Ann Data, Jai Kisan etc. Their agitations are rustic without any definite goal and are mostly swayed by political parties with their own ends. They have become an example to showcase poverty or extravagant decisions of the Governments. Farmers of India get space in the media either when they commit a suicide or when a politician gets a higher position, in order to justify his credentials he positions himself as the son of a farmer.