Sarson satyagrah

September 26, 2016 0 Comments

Mustard farmers, consumers and supporters of organic farming will organise a state-level sarson satyagrah on October 2 to protest the governments move to allow genetically modified (GM) mustard. Prof Rajinder Chaudhary, Adviser to the Kudarti Kheti Abhiyaan, Haryana, said here today that the biggest danger of GM seeds was that they were likely to pollute the existing organic varieties as wind, bees and butterflies inadvertently caused cross-fertilisation. As a result, farmers as well as consumers lose their right to decide whether to sow/consume GM products or not. Once produced, it will be almost impossible to separate GM mustard oil from non-GM mustard oil. So the people will either have to stop using mustard oil or be compelled to use GM mustard oil, he maintained. Professor Chaudhary pointed out that in view of these dangers involved in the use of GM seeds, most of the countries, particularly the European nations, did not allow GM seeds that were being used only in six countries across the world.