Scheme to revive rice cultivation

June 30, 2017 0 Comments

MALAPPURAM:The June breeze swaying green paddy stalks among the fields at Puzhambram in Ponnani Municipality have the tale of a great comeback to tell. Through the Ponnaryan Koyyunna Ponnani scheme, the seeds have been sown for the revival of rice cultivation here.

Last year, farmers turned 45 acres of barren land into paddy fields in their first attempt. The enthusiasm soon gave way to disappointment with drought bringing down the yield. This year, though, no rain or drought appear to be able enough to draw them back.We are looking to expand it to another 45 acres this year, says Rajeesh U of the farmers collective here.

While the production stood at 1,200 kg per acre last year, farmers believe the yield could be increased to 1,500-2,000 with better care. Under the aegis of the Padasekhara Samithi, 45 farmers were part of the sceme last year. Ten more have been added this year. These 55 include ten young professionals who have either given up their jobs or found time for farming.