Scientist, techie et al join hands for farming

January 22, 2013 0 Comments

DC | Vinod Nedumudy | 18th Jan 2013

Kochi: A scientist, a Gandhian, a techie and two farmers have joined hands to propagate farming in an age when the new generation is getting alienated from the vocation and many paddy fields are getting converted into living spaces and commercial establishments.

Dr Joseph Makkolil, scientist with the Inter University Centre for Nanomaterials and Devices, Cusat and Gandhian and environmentalist K. Sahadevan, IT man Santhosh Kumar and farmers Nipun Varghese and Paulose are the members of the five-member brigade that has set out on this green mission.

Their initial step is to cultivate rice in one and a half acre of the Karayamparambu paddy field at Angamaly and it is for a unique purpose.
It is to feed over 500 participants of the upcoming five-day conference of environmentalists to be held at Thrissur in May. They are readying organic rice and vegetables. Cultivation of vegetables is being done on a plot in Thrissur.

The seed that is selected for rice cultivation is a nadan variety brought from a village in Tamil Nadu which takes less than 90 days to be ready for harvest. The rice variety is called Poonkar. The tilling, sowing and other activities are done by the members themselves with the help of 15 youngsters in the Angamaly area who prevented a massive bid to fill the 50 acre paddy field two years ago.

“These youth are also into organic farming in a portion of the paddy field and already have a reserve of five quintals of rice. We are seeking to spread the message of farming,” said Dr Makkolil.