States should assert views on GM mustard: Kurugante

June 28, 2017 0 Comments

State governments should assert their views in the debate on the commercial production of genetically modified (GM) mustard as they will end up bearing the fallout of the Centres decision on GM crops, said Kavitha Kurugante, convener for GMO-Free India, here on Sunday.

Public consultations on the commercial production of GM mustard have been farcical and if the Centre was really serious, it should write to the State governments and elicit their views rather than impose it, she said.

During an interaction on GM mustard, she said that State governments should air their views on GM mustard as it will impact agriculture and public health. When things go wrong, the farmers will knock at the doors of the State government and hence the consequences of the Centres decision will be borne by the State, she cautioned.