Students reap lessons on sustainability with organic farming

January 25, 2017 0 Comments

CHENNAI: Nethra Nagarajan of Class 7 animatedly points at the patch she and her schoolmates at HLC International have cultivated, and says, “Do you know why everything from the compost pit to the crops is planted in circles? It’s not just to ensure all the crops get an equal amount of water, but to confuse pests and rodents, who run in straight lines.”

At another spot in the school’s organic garden Class 9 student Saket Devareddy says he understood nitrogen fixation only when he saw the legumes in his plot.

Organic farming, gardening, creation of ‘living soil’, brick making, and pot cooking are all part of HLC’s ‘Shashvatam Working towards Sustainable Living’, a learning programme that helps students understand, appreciate, and respect environment. The students will be exhibiting the fruits of their labour at the farm on January 21. The event will feature talks on safe food, demonstrations on making cement-free bricks, composting and pot cooking. “Through Shashvatam, our children are showcasing timeless principles of coexistence that have thwarted cyclones and floods in the past,” says Naveen Mahesh managing trustee of the Sholinganallur-based school, who believes such programmes are critical.