“The Farm” near Chennai treats urban dwellers to rustic pleasures

By Surabhi R

How often have you thought of leaving the concrete jungle and living in the lap of nature, leading a simple life and having healthy organic meals? Thats exactly what Arul Futnani hoped for when he left his city life to start The Farm, which he has meticulously built over the last decade.

As a child, Arul spent his weekdays at school in the city and weekends at a family farm near Chennai started by his father in 1974. The landscape around the farm changed over the yearsin the last two decades, the IT Highway and various residential buildings cropped up nearby. But while others around him took up corporate jobs, Arul wanted to spend his life at his farm.

The Farm opened its restaurant and food store, housed within the premises, in 2009. Arul and his team serve and sell fresh organic dishes, most of which is grown or produced in-farm, at the restaurant and the store respectively. From fresh and chemical-free grains to all types of gourds, tomatoes, beans and peas, you will find your daily dose of edibles here.