The organic food buzz is on

By Express News Service – CHENNAI 12th October 2013

Organic food became the catch phrase at the panel discussion on Food Secure India organised by the Department of Food Chemistry and Food Processing of the Loyola College. While most of the panelists highlighted the need for production of organic food, the audience took the topic forward with a slew of questions on the costs, economic sustainability and the methods though which the organic food production could be taken forward.

Speaking at the event, Amit Vaishnav, Director of Megafoods Madras Private Limited said that post-independence, India has been converted from one of the world’s largest organic farming countries to one which heavily subsidizes pesticides and imports genetically modified seeds. “This is not what the British did to us. This is something that we have brought on ourselves,” he said, pointing out that in most cases these pesticides and genetically modified seeds are banned in the countries in which they are produced.