The seed segment is our future growth area: Davor Pisk

Interview with Chief operating officer, Syngenta AG

Dilip Kumar Jha | Mumbai April 19, 2014

In India, average landholding declined from 2.3 hectares in the 70s to 1.32 hectares in 2000-01. If this rate continues, average landholding will fall to 0.68 hectares by 2020 and a mere 0.32 hectares by 2030. Currently 86 per cent of Indian farmers, accounting for 44 per cent of the country’s farmland, hold less than two hectares; their contribution to farm output exceeds 50 per cent. Small landholders offer huge potential for productivity enhancement. But for this, a combination of chemicals and integrated solutions is vital, says Davor Pisk, chief operating officer, Switzerland-based Syngenta International AG, in an interview with Dilip Kumar Jha. Edited excerpts: