This family prefers to grow its own veggies and eat them too

Freny Fernandes: Feb 05 2015


There is nothing more nutritious and hygienic than growing your own vegetables.

Unlike earlier where people would have their own gardens and lands to grow vegetables and other medicinal plants, today lack of space has led to shelving of such ideas. But there are some who still have a farming instinct and make full use of their balconies and terraces.

Dattatraya Sathe (73) has spent his childhood working in his own farm at Chiplun. But then he shifted to Mumbai and started his own electrical store. However, he always had an inclination towards farming and so he converted his terrace into a garden. Right from tedli to doodhi, potato, brinjal and chilies, Sathe has it all. Even medicinal plants like methi, tulsi, owa, etc are grown on his garden. And not to forget a variety of flowering plants like roses, mogra, shevanti and the likes.