Tindas on your terrace are good business for startups

Cooking with fresh produce like tomatoes fresh off the stalk, tender coriander leaves or small succulent bhindi is a rare joy in our urban existence. But who has the time or space to set up a kitchen garden, let alone an organic garden. The easier option is to go down to the colony gate and shop for shiny, chemical-laced, days-old veggies stacked on pushcarts. But now, a few startups have made terrace gardening literally a walk in the park. And they do this through technology that minimises the fuss and mess of cultivation.

Greentech Life, Bengaluru: Smart gardening unit that requires watering just once a month. Cost: Rs 33,900 per unit.

Homecrop Hyderabad: Using the Cuban concept of organoponics, it makes garden units that use 60-70% less water. Cost: Rs 1,800+ per unit for balconies.

iKheti Mumbai: Gardening and composting consultancy. Cost: Rs 1,500-2,000.

Edible Routes Delhi: Provides material and knowledge support to create kitchen gardens. Cost: Rs 5,000 for a small balcony garden.