Traditional Oil Mills, almost dying

April 28, 2016 0 Comments

April 23: ​About 100 years ago there were 4 to 5 Lakh Ghanis in the country meeting the oil needs of the country; by independence even though the number remained the same, the production was halved owing to the advent of expellers and industries. Now they are on the verge of extinction.

Cold Pressed Oils are one of the best oils; any oil extracted at temperatures below 115 degree F (46 deg C) is called cold pressed. Since it is consumed in its pure and natural form containing characteristic aroma, taste, flavor, pungency, color and vitamins of the oil it is the best we can get. It also strengthened rural economies and were eco-friendly and cost effective.

Refined Oils are heated at temperatures above 500 deg F (260 deg C) and thus most of the fatty acids get denatured. Toxic petroleum solvents along with Caustic Soda, Phosphoric acid, bleaching agents are used along with synthetic antioxidants and chemical defoamers in multi-step hi tech refining which strips the oil of all its color, flavor and aroma and it is impossible to detect rancidity with our senses. Such oils will taste the same today as 25 years later. They are in all practicality DEAD OILS.

According to Rebecca Wood–“If the oil smells & tastes like the seed from which it was derived it indicates the quality; If it leaves fresh rather than burning, acrid or metallic taste in your mouth and within seconds of swallowing a teaspoon of your mouth feels fresh and clean it is a good oil. Conversely if it leaves a greasy taste, flavorless, viscous and coats the mouth and is not soluble, unpalatable readily it is of poor quality”.

All Refined Fats & Oils are carcinogenic suppressing the immune system and cause gastric distress,irritated lungs and mucous membranes and speed aging. They challenge the liver, exacerbate cancer, candidiasis, tumours, cysts, odema, obesity and some forms of high blood pressure.

Dr K T Achaya said at the FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Fats and Oils in 1993