Urban farming group in Bengaluru is teaching people home agriculture to fight pollution

By Shreya Kalra

Once called the air-conditioned city because of its naturally cool air, Bengaluru was an anomaly for an urban city in India with its open and lush green spaces compared to the almost claustrophobic clusters of buildings in places such as Delhi and Mumbai.

However, the city now paints a completely contrasting picture. Its air is heavily toxic with pollutants, which have consumed the city, as a result of unplanned development.

In this chaos, emerged a conscious group of urban community farmers who understand the value of organically grown food in the age of technological industrialisation. Garden City Farmers is an NGO based in Bengaluru, which is the brainchild of DrVishwanath, an entomologist.

Its motto is, Grow what you eat, and eat what you grow. Although the NGO officially began in 2011, he introduced Bengaluru to the concept in 1995.