Want to learn how to scale up farming

December 29, 2017 0 Comments

Ben Raja and Raj Kancham left the corporate life, aggregated 2,500 acres under the Farm Again brand, and are using a direct procurement/sale strategy, technology intervention and a unique pricing model to grow their business.

Ice cream brand Ben & Jerrys changed the way the US consumed the frozen dessert because of the way they took on the big names in the industry. The David versus Goliath story resonated well with the American audience.

In India, we have Ben and Raj taking on the conventional wisdom of farming.

They have – over the last five years – converted 2,500 acres of land into organic farms and have created traceability of the product to the very farm the produce was picked out of.

So the next time you buy watermelons, onions or tomatoes at a Reliance Retail, Big Bazaar or More, you can scan a code on the vegetable bag. The map will point you to a farm managed by Farm Again, the company founded by Ben Raja and supported by his close friend and associate Raj Kancham.