Will Nigeria join world’s organic farming revolution?

March 16, 2016 0 Comments

Nigeria, Mar 11: There is no doubt any longer that our food from our once natural farms are now being contaminated with killer poisons in the forms of pesticides and herbicides. And wow, the food still  grace our kitchens and dining tables in Nigeria. All the thanks for this go to agriculture practices from Europe and America. As we battle cancers and other degenerative diseases caused by these poisons, news of the fight against them can be exciting such was the news that, like some people in her generation, lawyer Olusola Owemimo has set up an organic farm in Nigeria where only natural forms of agriculture will be done. Recently, she attended a conference of organic farming in the United Kingdom.  Today, she shares her experiences with readers of this column… ‘My Experience At The 10th Organic Producer’s Conference January 27-28 2016’