Women entrepreneurs on mission organic staple food

November 3, 2016 0 Comments

A startup women entreprenuer 27 year oldLikitha Bhanu, Founder and Director Terra Greens Organic, is inpursuitof making your daily staple on table Organic. She works with farmers around the country helping them with organic farming methods and besides helping them with certification and also enabling buy-back of their produce. Likitha is based in Hyderabad.

Terra in French means Earth and Terra Greens means food from the earth, which is unadulterated and pure.Likitha Bhanus mother, Mrs. Padmaja Bhanu and she herself are the founders of the company. They are currently a team of 25 and operate all India in both Modern and General Trade. Their major partners are Spencers, Metro cash, and carry and Bigbasket in the online segment.

They have a range of staples and a line of ready to cook breakfast mixes. Currently, Terra Greens produces about 92 staple products and a line of 8 ready to cook products. Their organisation is working on reviving ancient grains and making products which are ready to cook to popularize them. Currently they are growing at a rate of 80% year on year.