Workshop organised on Food Safety in PU

To oppose Punjab Govt’s move to not to encourage the bringing in of Genetically modified technology to Punjab, members of NGO’S Kheti Viraasat Mission and Aawaz organised a session at Punjab university. The speakers talked about the ill-effects of the crop technology

To oppose the Punjab Govt’s move to bring the Genetically modified food to Punjab, NGO’s Kheti Virasat Mission & Aawaaz, jointly organized a workshop on Food Safety on Sunday. Umender Dutt, Exacutive director Kheti Virasat Mission said on the basis of numerous studies, countries across the world have banned plantation of Genetically Modified crops and the same should be followed in India too.

Umender Dutt alleged that the Punjab Govt and Punjab Agriculture University have joined hands with Monsanto, a US based company who claims to work for the benefit of the farmers but is behind bringing in the banned food technology in India.

Talking about the ill-effects of the GM technology, the speakers were of the view that Monsanto is profit-hungry corporation and controls most of the GM crop cultivation in the world.

Speakers participating in the workshop talked strongly about the GM technology. They appreciated the countries who have willfully banned the technology after studying the health, trade and most importantly the environmental impacts of the technology.