Telangana’s first organic village is leading the way in natural farming

Hyderabad:  Telangana’s Enabavi village can show the way to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. You have to look keenly to figure out that the stone board leading into Enabavi village once proudly declared ‘chemical-free village’. That was 13 years ago, when all 52 families in the village shifted to natural farming, without using pesticides or chemicals. […]

Ruinous impact of chemical farming

The lip-service paid to organic farming must be backed by budgetary intent. Chemical farming is undeniably harmful It is a tragic fact that in India thousands of farmers take their lives every year. From 1995 to date, the figure is over 3 lakh farmers. Costly seeds, soil-destroying/life-threatening chemical fertilisers and pesticides, and a monstrous Central […]

Kerala to follow collective farming instead of corporate farming, says state agriculture minister

Kerala  would promote collective farming which is done by various co-operatives and community networks like Kudumbashree. Pointing towards Contract Farming, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, in conference of State Agriculture Ministers in Delhi, has said that farming can become profitable if small and marginal farmers are given access to technological solutions and research. However, […]

One man’s efforts ensured that this TN village doesn’t rely on borewells anymore!

Back in 2016, Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, an organic farmer residing in Kuttapalayam village in Kangayam Block, Tiruppur district, was very concerned about the severe water deficit in the region. Following yet another drought, there was no water either for farming or livestock. Farmers from his village and surrounding areas were buying water at exorbitant rates, but […]

Kutch’s Wagad or Kala cotton: Back from the (almost) dead

Once upon a time, in the semi-arid plains of Kutch, grew plants that bore soft white tufts of indigenous, Wagad cotton. The cotton’s softness was in contrast to its hardy nature—it required little water, no pesticide, and overall, very little care—perfect for the present-day situation of drought and water scarcity. However, with the introduction of […]

Goa’s lone company making organic fertilizer chugs on

With the government trying to set up clusters of organic farms, Goa’s only bio-fertiliser unit Cosme Biotech Pvt. Ltd., is hoping for turnaround in its fortunes.  The plant located in the verdant forests of Sarvona, Bicholim, is a modern production facility designed as per international standards. However it operates in isolation with few Goans aware […]

Stress on zero budget farming: allocation hiked

With special stress of ‘zero budget farming’, the Modi Government on Friday allocated Rs 1,30,485 crore to agriculture sector in its budget 2019- 20—almost 51,000 crore up from the revised allocation of the year 2018-19. In her budget, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman proposed a historic allocation of Rs 1,30,485 crore in the budget 2019- […]

Budget 2019: Innovation and new age farming is the future

The agriculture sector is one of the mainstays of the Indian economy. Therefore, there are great expectations of the sector from the new finance minister for the upcoming Budget. There are several issues to be addressed right from doubling farmer’s income, to structural reforms to make it a profitable business. New age farming practices has […]

India to restore 21 million hectares of degraded land

Delhi,  (Prensa Latina) Two months before the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (COP 14) Summit, Sept. 2-13, India announced it will restore 21 million hectares of degraded land. India”s initiative is part of the Convention”s goal of achieving neutrality of land degradation worldwide by 2030, and this can only be achieved through sustainable management, combating […]

Delhi’s organic farming revolution

NEW DELHI:  A‘silent revolution’ is growing in the outskirts of Delhi as its villages have started taking baby steps towards achieving the organic state tag, said Manisha Saxena, secretary cum commissioner (Development) of Delhi government. By ‘silent revolution’, she refers to the farmers in the national capital adopting organic fertilisers and pesticide-free cultivation. “In the […]

Lack of alternative livelihood linked to Nagaland tribe’s affinity to shifting cultivation

The lack of alternative livelihood options is reinforcing the attachment of the Konyaks, a Nagaland tribe, to the practice of shifting cultivation (jhum), highlights a new study. This perceived economic security is also strengthened by their strong connections to the forests in the outer fringes of the Eastern Himalayas in northeast India. However, increasing population […]

Farmer who runs a museum to preserve traditional seeds

As the country braces itself for yet another bad monsoon, Syed Ghani Khan, a farmer in Karnataka’s Mandya district, is hoping to fight it with traditional farming techniques like multi-cropping and minor millet cultivation. These are the two techniques that helped the farmer from the remote village of Kirugavalu navigate the water crisis during the […]